Water Resources Development Projects in the Mahi Basin

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Jakham Reservoir

Jakham reservoir is located at 2410'30" N latitude and 7435'30" E longitude at village Anuppura, Pratapgarh Tehsil, Chittorgarh District, in Rajasthan. It was completed in the year 1986. It is constructed on river Jakham, which is tributary of river Mahi. The project provides irrigation benefits to tribal people of the area consisting of 104 villages of Dhariawad Tehsil and 3 villages of Pratapgarh Tehsil. The area near the dam is hilly and consists of waste land, hence a pickup weir at Nagalia, which is 13 km away from dam is constructed from which main canal emerges.


The project has a catchment area of 1,010 sq. km with average yield as 212.376 MCM. It lies in Pratapgarh and Chotisadri Tehsils of Chittorgarh in agroclimatic zone IVB. The irrigated area in catchment covers 95.85 sq. km (9.49%) and the unirrigated cultivable area is 366.32 sq km (36.27%). Around 45% of the catchment area has sufficient soil cover for raising crops and this area may contribute to soil erosion to Jakham reservoir. The Forest area covers 23.52% of catchment area. Soils in the area vary considerably. The soils are silty loam to clay loam, occasionally clay, and grayish brown to dark grayish brown. Soils are deep and occur as buried pediments. These appear to be derived from alluvium of phyllites and limestone.


The catchment area falls in typical sub-tropical sub-humid to humid climate conditions, characterized by mild winter and moderate summer with high relative humidity during the months of July-September. Mean monthly minimum temperature ranges from 11C (Jan.) to 26 C (June) and mean monthly maximum temperature ranges from 21.8 C (Jan) to 43.8 C (May). The average annual rainfall varies between 800 - 900 mm. Mean annual PET varies from 1,301 to 1,400 mm.


The Top of dam is at RL 373.0m with HFL at RL 371.65m. The dead storage level of reservoir is at RL 332.0m. The length of dam is 253.0 m with maximum height as 81.0m. Two main canals, Right Main Canal (RMC) with length as 23.76 km and Left main canal (LMC) of 39.90 km length emerge from the pickup weir. The canals are lined with design discharge of 3.533 cumec (RMC) and 7.92 cumec (LMC).


Panam Dam 

Panam dam in Santrampur Taluka of Panchmahals district in Gujarat was first impounded in the year 1977. It is a multipurpose project constructed on Panam River, a tributary of Mahi. Panam River originates in Devgadh Baria Taluka of Panchamahals district. After flowing mostly through hills in North - westerly direction, it joins Mahi River about 25 km downstream of Panam dam. The dam site is located at 233'00" North latitude and 7342'00" East longitude in village Kel-Dezar. Nearest railway station is Godhra, which is 45 km from dam.


Total catchment area at the dam site is 2,312 sq. km. The catchment is mostly hilly and covered with forests except near the dam site where it is relatively flatter. The reservoir has a designed gross reservoir capacity of 737.987 MCM with live capacity being 689.567 MCM. Top of dam is at RL 131.41m, with HFL at 128m. This masonry dam is 56.36 m high and 269.45m long, with 182 m long spillway. There are 10 radial gates of size 14.93m x 11.28m. Irrigation potential of Panam dam is 493.70 sq km. Soils of the catchment are derived from rocks like quartzites, schists and phyllites. Deep soils cover about 79% of the culturable.


Project area experiences tropical climate with minimum temperature of 12C in January and maximum temperature of 39C in May. Average annual rainfall in the area is 940 mm. About 80% of the rainfall occurs during July and August. Panam dam has total GCA of 582.73 sq. km with CCA as 411.16 sq. km. The command is entirely located on the left bank of river.


Mahi Bajaj Sagar Project

Mahi Dam is a straight masonry dam on Mahi River, located at a distance of 56 km from Banswara in Banswara District, Rajasthan. The length of the masonry and earthen parts of the dam is 435 m and 2,627 m respectively. The reservoir behind the 43 m high dam is known as Mahi Bajaj Sagar reservoir. The catchment area of the river up to the dam site is 6,149 sq. km. Mahi Bajaj Sagar reservoir has a live storage capacity of 2,070 MCM at FRL of 280.75 m and the MDDL of the project is at 259 m.


Two power stations namely Mahi I and Mahi II have been constructed under the development plan. Mahi I power house, located at Mahi dam, has 2 units of 25 MW each. Mahi II power house is located at a distance of 45 km from the dam site. Mahi II power house uses the tail waters of upstream Mahi I power house. Mahi II power house has 2 units of 45 MW each. Mahi I and Mahi II power projects have the firm power of 15 MW and 23 MW respectively. The minimum and maximum annual inflow of the Mahi I project is 435 MCM and 6,618 MCM respectively. RRVPN Ltd. commissioned the projects in 1986 and 1989 respectively.


Kadana Project

Kadana is masonry cum earthen dam on Mahi River, located at a distance of 80 km from Godhra in Panchmahal District, Gujarat. The catchment area at the dam is 25,520 km2 and the mean annual inflow of the reservoir is 596.432 MCM. The height and length of the dam is 66 m and 575 m respectively. The reservoir behind the dam has a live storage capacity of 1,203 MCM at FRL at 127.7 m and the MDDL is at 114.3 m. Kadana power house has 4 units of 60 MW each. It has been commissioned by the Gujarat Electricity Board in 1990-98. On an average, about 2,900 MCM water is used per year to produce 316 million units at the power house.